Most travel companies around the world subcontract their tours in local areas. Mamacoca expeditions is different because we run all of the tours that are offered on this website. When you book with us, you will be traveling exclusively with mamacoca expeditions team and equipment.


Mamacoca Expedition, we do not sell a standardized travel product. We seek to provide a personalized, cultural experience with high quality service from all of our staff. From the moment you first contact us, we make sure to answer all your questions and organize the perfect tour that you are looking for. Even before you arrive in Cusco you will have the peace of mind that everything has been organized for you so you do not have to worry about any of the details. Once you arrive you will meet your experienced guide and be given a thorough briefing. Once beginning the tour you will meet any other staff that are there to assist you, including drivers, chefs, and horsemen. Our goal is to provide you with the best tour so that your trip will be full of unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime memories.


Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most varied and richest in the world. Thanks to the pre Incas, the Spanish, African, Chinese-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian immigrants mainly to the nineteenth century heritage, Inca and, together, mixing and acriolla gastronomy and exquisite flavors of four continents.

An important part of learning about a new culture is sampling the delicious foods that come from the region. knows the difference that good food can make on your journey. When you book a hike with mamacoca expeditions, an experienced chef will accompany you to cook gourmet Peruvian meals three times a day. Our chefs take pride in sharing our culture by selecting a variety of local dishes. The food is healthy and nutritious too, because your body will be at work on the hike. If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know at the time of booking. All of our chefs have experience with a variety of lifestyles and limitations, including vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, etc


One thing that sets Mamacoca Expedition apart from its competitors is the first-class equipment we use on and off the trail. As any hiker knows, good equipment makes all the difference on the trail, and that is why we use Mountain tents, good mattresses, and other high quality cooking supplies and kitchen gear. While you are hiking during the day, members of the staff including chefs and porters go ahead to the next stop. They set up the campsite for the night, including a cooking tent, a dining tent with tables and chairs, a bathroom tent, and sleeping tents. The chefs start in advance to prepare the evening meals. We do everything possible to provide comfort and modern conveniences on the trail. The gear we use at our campsites will keep you comfortable, warm and dry, no matter what the weather is. Many travelers bring their own sleeping bags, but if you prefer, you can rent one from the Mamacoca Expedition office for a small fee.


All of our guides come from Cusco and they speak fluent English, Spanish and Quechua. Their knowledge of Quechua is key to understanding the region’s history and traditions. Every guide has studied tourism for three to five years and has many years of hands-on experience. They are prepared to teach you everything you want to know about the Inca Empire of the past, and life in Peru today. Most importantly, however, they are also trained in CPR, first aid and mountain skills, and are always conscious of safety on the trail. They will be there throughout your whole tour to provide any assistance or information that you need.