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Mama Coca Project

Mamacoca Expeditions mission includes giving back to the community. All of our projects focus on improving education for the people living in the countryside. We focus our projects in a small village called ACOPIA , located over 3 693 mts(12,000 f) which is the same community that travelers will visit on one of our tour.

We did a conscious study of Andean communities, mamacoca expeditions found serious problems such as loss of identity, children who speak mostly Quechua and grow up on farms are often discriminated against and made fun of, low education levels, due to the extreme poverty in the Andean communities.

We decided to take action to improve the lives of student in the countryside through tourism.

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Our Projects

We started our project:

Acopia has a litle school , children who walk as much as 2 hours each way to come for education, Their families are subsistence farmers and shepherds to alpacas and sheep. Their native language is Quechua, the ancient language of the Inka, and this is the language they learn at home.

For the first three years in school, they are taught mainly in Quechua and slowly Spanish is introduced so that they can integrate into Peruvian society, The school depends on a basic library, which we have helped in implementing with some materials, however it continues lacking the utmost support.

Project “happy book” in Acopia

Mamacoca expeditions: donated to each child two notebooks, pencils, erasers, a personal pretty hand towel, soap, toothbrush and other assorted items to encourage study and good hygiene to use for this class.

English Education: Mamacoca expedition We have begun providing English education to the children in ACOPIA , we supply basic English books so if you want you can share pleasant moments teaching kids, English, games, for these children this will be a great help and for you a great experience.

Supplies: Mamacoca expeditions supply Books for all levels grammar, elementary and high school.

Christmas Celebration in ACOPIA: mamacoca expeditions team visited the elementary school of ACOPIA, We brought hot chocolate, Christmas bread, snacks, balloons, and presents for each student.

Mamacoca expeditions: donated a new bicycle for the best student from each year, for a quicker way to get to school, because children walk as much as 2 hours every day for education.

Our mission of Mamacoca Expeditions is inspire and support students to lead actions that promote to conservation and preservation the environment. We feel that it is so important to respect our beautiful planet and honor to take care of her.

We feel very strongly that our trekkers have come a long way to do these amazing treks and they deserve to see a pristine environment.
We have made contact with a group of students of the Higher Institute “La Salle of Urubamba” located at 1 hour of Cusco city.
Mamacoca work for:

  • Provide tools to students to discover and exercise their power as agents of change in society.
  • To promote student participation in making decisions that affect their present and future as inhabitants of the Green and clean planet.
  • Make visible the critical role that students have in responding to climate change and its contribution to the challenge of environmental sustainability.
  • Mamacoca Expeditions works in partnership with students from La Salle Institute of Urubamba, to assume the leadership role in the transition to a more just society and in harmony with the planet.