Why Chosse us

Why Chosse Us

  • Because the people working in mamacoca expeditions have extensive knowledge of tourism.
  • Because we are a travel agency run by Peruvians, if you look for development and growth of Peru as a country and all the communities is better to book a trip in a Peruvian company.
  • Because we are doing responsible tourism for the development of the poorest communities.
  • MAMACOCA EXPEDITIONS makes sure to cause a low impact on the environment of the natural protected areas.
  • Because we provide Unique trekking Routes. MAMACOCA EXPEDITIONS specializes in unique, off the beaten track options that most other trek and tour operators do not!.
  • Because all of our Group Services have a minimum 2 and maximum 7 people, whereas most tour operators work with a maximum of 16 people or more sometimes.
  • Because we pay legal taxes (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing to the country’s growth and development. Further to this, we pay a 30% tax on all earnings. There are many tour operators who do not pay taxes and do not declare neither their sales nor most of their earnings, or declare them with a lower value, giving them this the possibility of lowering their prices through what to our eyes is an unloyal competition. Our policy will never be not to declare taxes